Solar Panel Kit Information For Starters

If you’re considering using a solar panel kit to lower your monthly electricity bills, then here are several basic facts you should know.

Eco-Camper 125W Flexible Solar PanelIf you have basic technical knowledge of how solar panel kits work, then it’s possible that you could have a kit or system customized for your own needs. If you don’t have such knowledge, but would like to make use of a customized system in your home, then by all means, use the Internet to expand your knowledge about home solar panel kits. For starters, learn what they’re comprised of and their respective functions:

  • Solar Panel
  • Battery
  • Controller Charger
  • Inverter

These are the basic components of a solar power kit and by understanding what roles they play and how they’re integrated into a single system, you’ll have a greater understanding of what special needs your home may have in terms of solar power.

Energy Requirements

One more thing you should consider is your home’s energy requirements. Reviewing your monthly utility bills could give you an idea of how much energy you generally consume. Consequently, this will help you ensure that you’re buying a kit that can provide a sufficient amount of power for your home.

There are various types of solar power kits sold in the marketplace today and not all of them may be suitable for your home.

Starter kits

A starter kit works more as a backup source of energy instead of functioning as the primary provider of power for your home. It’s a fun way to get started with renewable energy. In most cases, a starter kit would be made up of only one to two battery-powered solar panels. They will then store solar energy during the day and if you suffer from power interruption for any reason, your starter kit would provide your home with an alternative source of power.

Starter packages are definitely the most affordable of all types of solar panel kits but they’re rarely sufficient for providing energy for your entire home or for long hours of use.

On the other hand, a solar lighting kit is specifically designed to provide power for your home’s lighting system. They are, of course, affordable as well but again, they are not designed to provide power for your entire home.

When shopping for lighting kits, be sure to purchase the correct wattage for your home.

There are also home solar kits which are specifically designed to provide power for your home’s heating needs and nothing else. The greatest thing about these solar kits is their high fuel efficiency rate, which consequently allows homeowners to enjoy vast savings from their heating bills. Again, remember that heating kits also come in different wattages, so make sure you know the wattage requirement of your home.

In contrast, freezer kits are designed to provide power for your freezer and other cooling compartments. This will ensure that none of your frozen foods would end up spoiled in case of long bouts of power blackouts.

Different Cell Types Used in Home Solar Kits

One last thing you should know about residential solar kits is the different types of solar cells they’re using.

Single Crystal Silicon Solar Cells

These are the most commonly used cells in solar power kits. They are, however, the most expensive of all solar cell types as well and is a significant reason why many solar power kits are quite costly.

Polycrystalline Solar Cells

Solar power kits that use this type of solar cell tend to be more affordable than those equipped with single crystal silicon solar cells. Unfortunately, this type is less efficient in terms of energy conversion.

Thin Film Technology

Finally, we have thin film technology, which also leads to affordable rates but, like polycrystalline cells, they are not as efficient in converting energy and not as durable either.

Remember these facts when you go shopping for home solar kits and you can be sure you’ll purchase the best solar panel system that is right for your home.

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