Advantages Of Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy has many huge benefits over other conventional energy sources.

  • Efficient: For every unit of electricity the water pump uses, it generates between 3 and 4 units of heat energy
  • Cost Effective: 30% up to 80% in energy cost savings.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Uses the natural energy warmth of the earth, sustainable, clean, no toxins are pumped into the air
  • Adaptable: A variety of sizes mean geothermal systems are fit for the smallest or largest projects
  • Low Maintenance: Units only require the replacement of an electrostatic filter once a month
  • Noise free: Units have no fan so they are completely silent
  • Long System Life: systems have a life expectancy of 20-25 years
  • Tax Credit: The Canadian government currently gives out tax credits for any Green friendly retrofits to both homes and businesses

How it Works:

In order to harness the Earth’s natural heat, a series of pipes must be buried underground.  Ethanol is pumped throughout copper piping as it is an excellent conductor.  In the winter, the ethanol absorbs the heat from the ground and is then pumped back above ground to the geothermal unit.  In the summer, this process is reversed, where the warm ethanol from the surface is sent underground and then cooled by the Earth.  Harnessing the difference in the earth’s rather constant temperature and the air’s fluctuating seasonal temperature is what powers the geothermal unit.

Advantages Of Geothermal Energy

  • Easier on gas and electric bills. Right now, most of the civilized world is on gas and electric as their primary source of heat energy. Consumers ultimately pay the price as increased consumption and questionable billing tactics keep buying power down and frustration up. Introducing geothermal energy means that you can give the gas and electric that you do use in your home a rest.
  • Promotes long term cost cutting initiatives. An offshoot of the first advantage, this one sees this undeveloped form of technology becoming the big third player that drives the cost of gas and electricity downward. Therefore, the mere presence of geothermal energy, even if you don’t use it in your home, can result in you paying lower bills in the near future.
  • Easier on the earth. This form of energy is from the earth. It occurs there, it stays there, it recycles. Mankind has been looking for a way to add convenience while preserving nature’s beauty for millennia. Now that society is finally on the cusp of it, there is an opportunity to repair some of the damage that drilling for oil and throwing up power lines have done over the years.
  • Provides a renewable source of energy. This advantage adds to the previous one of being easier on the earth by making it possible for companies involved in its cultivation to not waste hundreds of millions per year on fruitless oil searches or expensive construction time.
  • Political incentives over the next several years. Governments from all over the world are on board with the idea of bringing this form of energy into the arena as a major player. As there is a struggle to get the infrastructure in place and the companies up and running, there will be opportunities for those currently on electricity and gas to switch over the efficiency of their homes to geothermal. At that time, it could mean tax credits and tax surpluses upon filing.

The future is a bright place with a renewable form of energy at the helm. Make sure that you don’t dismiss the damages ignoring it can do, nor the joys that embracing it could bring all across the world.

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